Pilates At Panacea


  • We keep our classes really small only 3 people per class
  • Our small classes mean we can create and adapt your class to your needs and what you need that day
  • You tell us what you want to achieve and we do our best to make that happen – increase flexibility, strong abs, get rid of a back injury whatever your goal we are here to help
  • We work with men and women of all ages and fitness levels
  •  We like to make it fun and the most enjoyable workout you can do
  • It can either be a sweat dripping intense workout or slow, gentle and more about stretching or anything in-between it is totally up to you. 
– We also offer pumped up classes for anyone who does 2 or more classes a week – adding in some cardio work to our traditional classes. 

What we Do

With just 2 sessions a week, we can change your body. How you feel and how you move. 

In each hour you are with us we want to transport you from your normal day to day activities into a moment just focused on you and your body. When the door closes to the studio it is your time to escape for an hour. With like minded people who may not love exercise but know they need it to do something good for their mind and body. We give you a workout and build a friendship so we can understand your needs. We know how you feel because we ask and listen, like how sore your back gets lifting the grandkids, to how your neck feels stiff looking at the computer screen all day or how your trying to improve your golf and need to loosen up. 

You tell us what you want to achieve and we do all the thinking for you, we design the workout based on you and how you feel that day. We make classes fun so that you forget you are even there to workout. The classes are small with only 3 people per class, we want to get to know you, help you and bring the best out of your body. 

I could tell you about the benefits of Pilates and why you should be doing it but that is already well known. I want to tell you what we can do for you as an individual. Basically we listen to what you want and need and deliver on that. 

If exercising is not your most favourite thing and you usually dread going for a workout. We are the place for you, we make exercise fun more liking hanging out with friends and you happen to be moving. 

Keep moving, gain strength and surprise yourself with how much you change and improve.