About us


Studio Owner and Director

My love of helping people with their health came from my own experiences, plenty of injuries and my own health issues made me want to learn a different approach to healing and moving. The success and changes I saw in my self lead to many years of study and desire to share that with other people. I want to help end the one size fits all mentality and having individual programs for each person is what I believe in and bring that to every class I teach or consult I have.

I love getting to know people and what I can do to help. Each individual that comes in moves differently and has different story to tell and that is what I want to get to know and use that to give them the best experience possible.


– Diploma in Pilates Equipment Instruction Therapy

– Certificate IV in Pilates Mat Work

– Diploma of Remedial Massage

– Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine 

– Certification in Applied Functional Science

We don’t believe you should do the exact same workout as anyone else and want to help each person achieve their own goals, whatever they are. We are your escape and time for yourself. Doing something that can transform your body without having to leave dripping in sweat. Using the Pilates Equipment and small apparatus to keep it different and fun every time you walk through our doors.