What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is about using your food as medicine, this can be done through supplements and diet changes. This is a holistic approach to health and treating each person as an individual, being very similar to naturopathy without using herbs. Nutrition can be used for general health improvements, weight loss, lifestyle diseases, heart disease, improving sport performance, gastrointestinal disorders, skin issues and much more.

What will your consult involve?

For your first consult it will be approximately 1 hour long, in this time your practitioner will go through your current complaint and then work through the rest of your body systems to see what the best treatment option is for you. Your treatment plan is then put into place either using supplements, dietary changes or lifestyle advice. Follow up consults are shorter and can be used to re-evaluate or provide more treatment.


Inital Consult

1 Hour - $100

Follow up

30-40 mins - $60

Follow up

15 mins - $30